Big Round & Tall Long

We started working with the Land Transport Authority of Singapore in 2012. We proposed two huge shapes on both end walls of an underground train station.

‘The Big Round' is 7 metres wide and 7 metres tall. ‘The Tall Long’ is 9 metres tall.

‘The Big Round’, a singular expressive geometry, Is stripped away from all extravagance of form and details. ‘The Tall Long’ is buoyant and stretches upwards.

Through their sheer size and proportion, ‘The Big Round & The Tall Long’ engages the commuters by inviting them to either step away in order to view it, or to simply be drawn in to a presence that is larger than the self.

in doing so, one experiences the relationship between oneself and the hyperbolic shapes, and oneself to the vastness of the station.

Location: Tampines Train Station, Downtown Line
Client: Land Transport Authority of Singapore
Station Architect: Greenhilli

Photo: Studio Periphery