The Unfamiliar


alamak! Design for Asia

XXI Triennale International Exhibition Milan
“21st Century. Design After Design”.

Yoichi Nakamuta & Tim Power

Exhibition Director:
Theo Theodorou

Alessandro Brasile

The Unfamiliar is a collection of chairs we developed in the spirit of exploring new visual language of chairs using the industrial technique of pipe bending. As we try to find an identity of a simple chair in this modern global context, it became inevitable that we start to disturb the ideas of our origins, traditions, and forms.

The human’s relationship with the chair has been established, almost universal. But in these chairs, the relationship becomes unfamiliar. With almost no symmetry and direction, the human is non-acquainted with the deconstructed forms and is uncertain about their apparent instability. Nonetheless, the simplicity of the lines, despite its abrupt discontinuity, carefully marks out the proportions and structure of the chairs.

Inspired by the deconstructivist attitude, albeit with pared down aesthetics, the Unfamiliar are strange artefacts constructed with structural logic in mind, where traditional functions are employed with subverted forms and displaced lines.