Joey Chair

for SaloneSatellite, Milan


Joey Chair is a result of a pipe bending exploration we had within the studio. The goal was to create a seating experience that is both light and hugging at the same time.

The main frame consist of 4 bent steel pipes welded together and mounted on a circular base. The fabric seat is slotted through the cantilever armrests and then held in between the main frame to hold up the back of the seat.

The chair frame branches upwards to provide a frame to elevate a fabric canopy. The canopy frame is removable when a canopy is not desired.

SaloneSatellite was established in Milan in 1998 and since became a significant platform for many young furniture designers across the world. This year, SaloneSatellite celebrates its 15th year anniversary and commissioned us to represent year “2010″. We displayed Joey Chair as part of the event.