Health Promotion Board

Year: 2019
Location: 3 Second Hospital Avenue, Singapore
Builder/ Contractor: Kingsmen
Lighting Plan: Light Collab
Floor Area: 1040sqm
Photography: Studio Periphery

Health Promotion Board is a statutory board of the Singapore Government to promote healthy living in the country. We were engaged to design the Chief Information Officer’s department in a new location within the Health Promotion Board compound.

We recognised that agile software development is a set of methods and practices where solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. Therefore, it was important to create a work environment that is very flexible to enable various work scenarios and setups. Also keeping in mind to maintain structure and clarity in the spatial framework.

Making use of the double volume space, we designed the lounge as the first encounter, encouraging social interaction and also creating an informal atmosphere to collaborate. We created various types of seating arrangements in the lounge for different collaborations or simply to have group lunches or celebrations. We layered the work zone behind the lounge area as people walk through the lounge to their work desks.

The simplicity of the open plan work zone is specific to the need for flexible reconfiguration of teams and clear communication. This is complimented by the proximity of discussion rooms of various sizes along the work zone. We also created a distinct discussion area that supports small to big ad hoc group discussions or open presentations and sharing sessions.