Fat Feathers

W Hotels, Singapore


“In the hotel’s living-room, two fat and bright objects suddenly sprout through the wall that separates the hall and the lift lobby. By turning along the wall, one will discover that the brightly colored ‘feathers’ have become a pair of flawless reflective peacocks. They reflect everything around them – the lights, the colors, the faces – exuding a sense of narcissism, as hotel guests preen themselves before the peacocks.”

Fat Feathers is a pair of lacquered sculptures produced for W Sentosa Cove in Singapore.

The sculptures are inspired by the peacock, an animal notorious for its narcissistic nature. Each sculpture measures about 2 metres in height, and consists of 31 hand painted pieces of aluminum plates on the front and 24 mirrors of the same shape, on the other side.

The graphics painted on the sculptures are abstracted from textures and patterns found on peacocks. Juxtaposed with highly reflective mirrors, the contrast creates an interesting visual vocabulary when you encounter the duo-faced sculptures from different sides.

The brightly colored graphics are spray-painted by Studio Juju, adopting a precise masking technique to apply the delicate paintwork and lacquer. What is central is the strict discipline in the painting and lacquering process that helped realize the project.