Big Round

Year: 2017
Client: Land Transport Authority of Singapore
Location: Tampines MRT Train Station, Downtown Line
Station Architects: Greenhilli
Photography: Studio Periphery

We started working with the Land Transport Authority of Singapore in 2012 to create public art pieces. We proposed two huge shapes on both end walls of an underground train station. The questions were: what is the relevance, how to make, and how to understand? These simple questions were concisely our approach when we first started out.

The shapes manifested in “larger than life” scale, with an intention to fill the void between the human and the spatial vastness. The Big Round, a singular expressive geometry, is stripped away from all extravagance of form and details. The Tall Long is buoyant and stretches upwards. They gave reference to the width and height of the station, and they gave polarities to the almost symmetrical station. It is contextual, there is a level of emotion, and there is certainly functionality.

The Big Round is 7 metres wide and 7 metres tall. The Tall Long is 9 metres tall.